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Advice, Tips and Ideas for CdLS Families During The Pandemic

Covid 19We understand that many of you will be worried about the potential impact of COVID-19 on our people with CdLS. As well as the advice shared from our experts, we at the Foundation have put together some useful tips to be prepared for any eventuality. We have also collected ideas for things to do while in isolation. This page will update regularly with more content here and links to more pages on the right. Please contact us if you have ideas of your own you think worth sharing to our families. Let's spread ways to get through this!

We are aware that many of you received the text message from the NHS. As our children, young people and adults with CdLS can be susceptible to respiratory infections they are identified as being vulnerable and therefore it is vital that the advice given is adhered to. if they start to show any symptoms please seek medical advice as soon as you can.

There is the CdLS Emergency Carecard available on this link. If you can, please print it out, fill it in and keep it in a safe place, this will ensure that any medical professionals will be aware of specific needs.