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This is my story

My name is Tracey Hoskins. I am 32 years old and I have CdLS.

I have lived in Hatfield, Herts all my life and I have a very loving, supportive family.

I wish to make new friends and would like to help other people with CdLS.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I went to Lakeside School in Welwyn Garden City until I was 19 and then I went to Welsby College in Grimsby until I was 21.

When I was at Welsby I was taught how to cook and clean and care for myself. I also did gardening.

I worked in a hotel at the college and learned how to wait on tables and in the kitchen.

I also studied English and Maths. I then went to Hatfield College to do my exams for English and Maths and to work with computers.

Now I work at Tesco’s in Hatfield and I have been there since I was 23. I have my own flat and am very independent.

My hobbies are baking cakes and making chocolates. I love discos and dancing and bingo.

I also like shopping and writing. I make my own cards for Easter, Christmas and birthdays.

I find it hard to make friends with normal people as sometimes they have problems with the fact that I have CdLS.

I would really like to meet people like myself who share my hobbies. I would also like to help people like myself as I have coped well with CdLS and perhaps share advice and help others become more independent too.