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Participation Opportunity: Social Difficulties in Children with CdLS

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The team at the University of Surrey, in collaboration with University College London and the University of Birmingham, are looking for children with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, aged 4-17, to complete some fun activities that will help find out more about the social difficulties that some children with CdLS experience.

“Our research focuses on understanding how the autistic mind works, how this differs from typical development, and whether this is similar in other developmental disorders and related conditions,” explained Dr Katherine Ellis. “Some people with CdLS also meet the criteria for autism. In the current study, we’re interested in how children with CdLS, with and without autism, process information, and whether this is similar to the way that autistic children, with no known genetic cause, do the same. “We’d also like to know how any differences in information processing relate to behaviours that can be seen in everyday life and, particularly, whether the mind of people with CdLS can sometimes give rise to strengths and advantages, even early in development.”

Activities will include assessments of speech, language and social skills, and feedback can be provided if you wish.
To participate: At a convenient time we will arrange an online call with you and your child over Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
Interested? Contact Kat at k.ellis@surrey.ac.uk or Beth at b.webster@surrey.ac.uk